Lynne Metevier - REALTOR®


Coldwell Banker Realty

481 Buckland Road

Lynne Metevier is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional who specializes in the Hartford and Tolland County areas, as well as the Newport, RI realty market. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Lynne understands that you need someone on your side to help you navigate the complexities of the real estate industry.


With an extensive knowledge of the market and a keen eye for avoiding pitfalls, Lynne is able to guide her clients through the process with ease. She is a skilled negotiator who always works tirelessly to ensure that her clients get the best possible results. Her work ethic is unmatched, and her commitment to integrity is the foundation of her success.


Lynne believes that establishing and maintaining open communication with her clients is key to a successful relationship. She has a unique ability to connect with people and earn their trust, which allows her to fully represent their best interests. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that her clients have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.


If you are looking for a real estate professional who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, Lynne Metevier is the perfect choice. Let her help you navigate the entire process of buying or selling a home and make it a gratifying and stress-free experience.